How To.. Get More Involved In Politics

8 Jun

Politics is huge in the UK and knowing where to start when you want to get involved can be tricky. So, here are my top tips on how to become more involved in politics.

Firstly, joining a political party is your best bet. The manifesto’s of each party can be found on their websites and once you’ve decided which party you want to join, it’s relatively easy to sign up. Members of the parties often then help out in many different ways, from putting up a poster in support of the party to giving out leaflets, there is an abundance of opportunities available to you.

Another way of getting involved is by helping out at a local political office. Many parties take on interns and this can help you build up a network of experience and contacts, both of which are essential for progressing in politics.

Thirdly, donating to a political party is another way to get more involved. Smaller parties often rely on donations from supporters and donations can make a huge difference to the running of that party.

Social networking also has a huge influence on twenty first century politics and it’s easier than ever to get involved at a grassroots level. Join the debate online, start your own political blog, advertise for your chosen party. Be inventive, there’s plenty of opportunities online!

Part of getting involved means that you’re well informed and the best way to do that is to sign up to the parties newsletters, read their manifestos etc.

Extras For Experts;

+ Deliver leaflets. + Telephone canvassing. + Door to door canvassing. + Putting up posters. + Helping on election day. + Volunteer your time. + Sign up to newsletters.

Lots of love..
Kat xo. 


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