Curious Tuesday

22 Jun

1. If it was your birthday tomorrow, what would be on your wishlist?
A new camera, iPOD gadgets, clothes, shoes and a miu miu handbag would be much appreciated.

2. Do you look after your nails? Do you paint them? If so, do you have a colour that you keep returning to again & again?
I’m terrible. I do bite them, and I hate myself for it. I do paint them when I remember though.

3. What star sign are you, & do you think it is accurate?
Leo. Absolutely, 100% me.

4. What is something you have recently learned to appreciate?
My parents. They are fiercely loyal and never stop being there for me. I adore them.

5. What is your favourite city in the world, & why?
I love love love York. I know, it may not be the coolest or hippest place in the world, but it feels like home, has fabulous shops and culture to match. I’m going to live there one day.

Lots of love..
Kat xo.


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