Curious Tuesday

6 Jul

1. What was your first kiss experience?
It was with my first crush, it was over in seconds and I didn’t like it to be honest.

2. If you could work for — & learn from — anyone, who would it be & why?
Anna Wintour, Michael Jackson, JK Rowling, because they all inspire me endlessly.

3. Have you ever taken a Myers-Briggs test? What was your result? Do you think it was accurate?
Yes! I’m a INFJ and it is super accurate!

4. What is your favourite thing about your best friend?
I don’t have a best friend — I have a handful of really close friends who I love dearly. L is my oldest and closest friend, we finish each others sentences and I can always trust and rely on her. A is super understanding and we can talk for hours. P is the person I’m the most comfortable around, I can say or do anything without wondering what she might think. I has always been there for me and we have tonnes of inside jokes. I am super blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful people.

5. What makes you happiest?
Spending time with friends and family. My job, I love it. Delicious food. Seeing my dog super happy. Sunny days. Making exciting plans!

Lots of love..
Kat xo.


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