2010.. Where Are You At?

7 Jul

We’re now half way through 2010, hasn’t it flown by?

So, frostings, I want to know.. where are you at with your goals? Are you heading in the right direction?

My goals for the beginning of the year consisted of gaining job stability, being healthy, redefining my style, expanding my writing portfolio and having adventures.

I’d say that I’m definately on track with my goals, though not 100% there yet. I’m enjoying being a freelance writer, I’m trying to eat healthily and exercise, my style has well and truly been redefined (the amount of dresses in my wardrobe are testament to this) and I’ve certainly been on some adventures and I’m currently planning more!

So, frostings, if you’re feeling a little uninspired or disappointed with the direction your life is taking, now is the perfect time to change it! Don’t get sucked into thinking that it will magically improve, get out there and make the changes you deem neccesary!

What’s important is to take time to analyse the situation you’re in and think of steps you can take to push things into the direction of your dreams.
Try the working backwards routine. Think of achieving your goals, what steps would you have taken to get to this point?
Another thing you can do is try visualisation and affirmations. Acting as if the success is already upon you can be a truly effective way to make changes.

Truth is frostings, that life is what you make it, and if you aren’t happy with how things are going, change it!

Some examples;

You hate your job.
Okay, it may not be feasable to just outright quit in a dramatic fashion, but you can take steps to achieve this. Think about what it is you’re passionate about, start saving so you have a nest egg to rely on, and look into how you go about getting a job in the particular field you’re interested in.

You want to be healthier.
The first thing to do is realise what healthy means to you. Vegetarian? Less dairy? More vegetables? Once you’ve decided what it means, start buying the right food, look into having a nutritious diet and look into exercising the way you want to.

You want to redefine your style.
Okay, so it’s not exactly practical to go out and buy an entire new wardrobe, but you can think about what kind of style you want to portray, create a mood board for inspiration, try out different outfits on Polyvore etc etc!

Okay, those are my examples! So, your homework, frostings:
Take some time to think about how this year is going for you! Are you happy? What do you want to change?

Answers in the comment section frostings!

Lots of love..
Kat xo.


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