Style Crush: Katy Perry

13 Jul

Katy Perry’s style is envied by thousands of people around the globe. From her quirky yet adorable everyday outfits to her outlandish and vintage inspired show costumes, Katy Perry’s style is unforgettable.

Playsuits, high waisted shorts and skirts teamed with crop tops are a style staple of Katy Perry’s wardobe. She often teams them with platform or peep toe pumps to finish off the look.

Katy Perry’s quirkyness is encapsulated in her stage costumes, which have included dice, playing cards, blue hair and even fruit as props.

Her signature style includes lots of vintage accessories, a seamless blend of sweet and punk rock style, retro hair and makeup and a subtle sense of sexuality without being overtly obvious, as well as a definitive theme of the 1940’s and 1950’s.

She mixes bright pastel colours with fun patterns, her ‘California Gurls’ video for example, features a candyland themed video.

What’s your opinion on Katy Perry’s style, frostings?

Who’s your style crush? Do tell!

Lots of love..
Kat xo.


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