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Make Life Magical #002

9 Jul

Last weeks task was all about taking steps to fill your life with positivity and inspiration.

So, here’s a few ways in which I carried this out:

+ Carried out a Facebook cull of all the negative people on there!

+ Reached out to people that inspired me and thanked them!

+ Created a vision board of my goals and manifestations.

So, onto this week’s task!

Make Life Magical #002

Take a day off from the twenty first century.

What this means:

No television / internet / phone / media for an entire day. I know, scary isn’t it?!

Sometimes, frostings, you just need to switch off from the world for a little while, and a media blackout every once in a while is healthy for everyone.

Ways To Spend Your Day Off;

+ Reading: 
No, I don’t mean scanning the news on your iPhone or spending hours pouring over blog posts. I mean picking up an actual book! Try it frostings.

+ Cooking:
Whether you want to cook a four course meal or simply bake some cupcakes, getting lost in the activity can be totally therapeutic, and you may just discover a hidden talent!

+ Crafting:
You could try making your own cards, knitting, jewellery making.. the possibilities are endless!

+ Spend some time with friends:
The art of conversation and the buzz you get from socialising cannot compare with a quick chat over Facebook!

So, that’s your mission for this week frostings!

Don’t forget to report back on how it goes for you!

Lots of love..
Kat xo.



Make Life Magical #001

2 Jul

Make Life Magical is about inspiring yourself and those around you, it’s about scaring yourself and reaching out to new levels.

Each week I will give you a task to carry out that week, and then we’ll come back next week and review how it went! So, here’s this week’s task for making your life magical.

Make Life Magical #001

Your mission:

Take steps to fill your life with positivity and inspiration.

This may mean different things to different people, but here’s some main examples: cut out people that are draining you, quit your soul crushing job, do something, anything that fills you with delight and glee, create a vision board of your goals and things that inspire you.

Any more suggestions, feel free to comment! Have a positive and inspiring week frostings!

Lots of love..
Kat xo.