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Birthday Shenanigans – What I Wore

26 Jul

Frostings, today was my nineteenth birthday. It’s been a lovely relaxing day of crafting and writing. On Saturday, I went for a fabulous meal with some of my friends, and yesterday I had a family gathering. It’s been a wonderful few days but it has meant a bit of a blogging absence, I’m back now however!

My sister is on the left and I am on the right!
Wearing: Jane Norman shirt dress, vintage denim shorts (not visable) and jewellery that was a gift from my lovely mother.

So, normal blogging will now resume frostings!
Thankyou to my wonderful family and friends for a lovely few days.

Lots of love..
Kat xo.


Why Not Wednesday..?

21 Jul

+ Take fifteen minutes to clear out your space.

+ Treat yourself to something you’ve been lusting after, because you deserve it.

+ Tell someone how much they mean to you.

+ Plan out your next week. It will give you such peace of mind.

+ Look into the law of attraction and making it work for you.

Lots of love..
Kat xo.

Curious Tuesday

20 Jul

1. What is your very best beauty tip?
Use moisturiser. Drink plenty of water. Smile lots. Be confident, it shows.

2. Who is your arch-nemesis?
Procrastination and my own self doubt.

3. What are the three things you need to do in order to feel sane?
I need to write. I need to get plenty of sleep. I need to have time to myself.

4. What is the strangest food you have ever eaten?
I’ve never eaten anything really strange. I’m a strict vegetarian so that rules out a lot of weird food.

5. What is one thing in your wardrobe which makes you feel invincible?
Any of my dresses. I feel fabulous about them all.

Lots of love..
Kat xo.

An Interview With.. A Fierce Frosting!

16 Jul

Amy is a writer, blogger, editor of British Style Bloggers (, co-editor of The Ceiling( as well as a million other things! She definately encompasses what it means to be a Fierce Frosting! So I had to interview her!

Here’s what happened..

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do?
Hello 🙂 I’m Amy, I’m 18, I just finished my A Levels (and am now waiting (not very) patiently to find out which uni I’m in to next year!!), and I basically write whatever I can whenever I can. Sometimes, people read my stuff and publish it, which is nice. I’m a blogger who kind of hates her blog, and a website editor who is pathologically organised, and a student who spends too much on stuff she can’t afford, and… and if I say any more, you’re all going to start feeling like stalkers! 🙂

2. What inspired you to start British Style Bloggers?
Last summer, I was interviewed by a blogger from Romania, and I noticed a badge on her page for a site called “Romanian Style Bloggers”, and I kind of thought “I wonder if there are more of us here than there”… and then I went on holiday for three weeks and the idea never really left, so when I got back, I built a (frankly dreadful) site and sort of went from there. We’re nearly a year old now, so I’d like to think we’ve come somewhere! 🙂

3. You must be super busy with BSB, The Ceiling, your own blog and everything else! How do you keep on top of it all?
I have a terrible affliction called Headteacher’s Daughter Syndrome. It kind of deals with organisational issues at an early age… (haha?)

4. Have you always had an interest in writing?

Yes. For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to be a writer. No. That’s a lie. Briefly, when I was five, I wanted to be a Princess – but once I realised the impracticality of this, I kind of got stuck on writing, and never really stopped. It’s quite annoying sometimes – carrying a notebook up mountains when I go hiking on holiday, for example, in case an idea strikes, gets a little tiresome… But mostly, I love it, and can’t imagine doing anything else. Ever.
5. What’s been your career highlight thus far?

Interviewing Hadley Freeman, columnist at The Guardian, for Lipstick Royalty Magazine. She’s an amazing writer, and for a very long time I practically worshipped her pages. I remember squealing when I saw her email in my inbox!
6. You were fashion editor of Lipstick Royalty magazine. How did you end up in that position?

Completely by accident! I came across an advert for magazine writers on Bebo Authors (would you believe?!) and asked for a position – in anything but fashion. Infamously (I say this, because in every interview I have ever done, people have asked me this question, and Rachel (LR’s editor, and a good friend of mine) must be sick to death of hearing it!), I was made fashion editor two months later. It’s hilarious really – I actually detest the fashion industry near-completely, and I hate wearing dresses more than anything else. I’m also allergic to almost all make-up and hair-product, which doesn’t help my case much, either. I look at my friends and then at myself and think “why the hell did that ever seem like a good idea?!”…
That said, I had the best two years of my life at LR, and I loved what I did more than I’d really like to admit… so… it wasn’t all bad, eh?
7. What was the reasoning behind starting The Ceiling?
Rachel Phipps (editor of LR, and co-founder and co-editor of The Ceiling) and I both have strong (opposing) political views, and during the election build-up, we argued them loudly and proudly to the extent that most people thought we hated each other (we didn’t, honest!)… but once the election was over, it seemed a shame to waste that passion on our fashion or lifestyle or arts based blogs, so we set The Ceiling up. We’ve been so busy with exams and stuff recently, though, that it’s not really had time to get off the ground… once summer’s over, we’ll start remembering to publish our columns, and things will get going – and I can’t wait!!

8. What advice would you give to aspiring bloggers, fashion or otherwise?

Absolutely! Write about what you are passionate about, and never let bad comments get you down. Both of these are errors I’ve made, and they’re things I seriously regret.
9. What have you got planned for the future?

Hopefully (assuming I haven’t failed my A Levels!!), a degree in English Lit and History, specialising in military history (I am the only girl on the planet with a passion for that, it seems!), and then… well, we’ll see, I guess! I’d love to go into journalism, but it’s so competitive, and it’s at least four years off, anyway, so I might as well wait and see!
10. Where can readers learn more about you? and @_amyct on twitter

Lots of love..
Kat xo.

Lust List

15 Jul

Here’s what I’m lusting after this week, frostings!

A Digital Camera.

It’s my birthday soon and this is top of my wishlist. I obviously need it for professional reasons – daily outfit photos for example!

A Miu Miu Handbag.

A girl can dream!

Tickets to see the Glee musical.

I am definately a gleek, and me and my sister cannot wait to go and see this show!

Waterstones Gift Card.

Because there’s a million and one books on my to read list at the moment!

A Filofax.

Gala Darling’s post made me swoon over stationary, but I simply cannot justify spending so much on an organiser!

Gift vouchers for H&M and Zara.

Because a girl can never have too many fabulous outfits.

What’s on your lust list frostings? Do tell!

Lots of love..
Kat xo.

Style Crush: Katy Perry

13 Jul

Katy Perry’s style is envied by thousands of people around the globe. From her quirky yet adorable everyday outfits to her outlandish and vintage inspired show costumes, Katy Perry’s style is unforgettable.

Playsuits, high waisted shorts and skirts teamed with crop tops are a style staple of Katy Perry’s wardobe. She often teams them with platform or peep toe pumps to finish off the look.

Katy Perry’s quirkyness is encapsulated in her stage costumes, which have included dice, playing cards, blue hair and even fruit as props.

Her signature style includes lots of vintage accessories, a seamless blend of sweet and punk rock style, retro hair and makeup and a subtle sense of sexuality without being overtly obvious, as well as a definitive theme of the 1940’s and 1950’s.

She mixes bright pastel colours with fun patterns, her ‘California Gurls’ video for example, features a candyland themed video.

What’s your opinion on Katy Perry’s style, frostings?

Who’s your style crush? Do tell!

Lots of love..
Kat xo.

Feminism In The 21st Century

12 Jul

The twenty first century is a very testing time to be a feminist. The issues that women face in these modern times are very different from those faced by our sisters in the 1970s.

One of the big changes is the rise of mainstream media and the effect this has on society. Women’s magazines can be accused of sexualising and objectifying women, they suggest that you are either a prude or have your body on display for all to see. The rise of lads mags culture also has this effect on society. Women’s magazine also encourage a lack of sisterhood and actively encourage women to be negative towards other women.

Women face huge issues with looks too, with the rise of airbrushing and celebrity culture, women of all ages are under pressure to look fabulous and perfect all of the time.

Although women are achieving better university grades than their male counterparts, men are still dominating the work place. One reason behind this could be down to the poor childcare system in operation, particularly in the UK.

Two women a week are killed due to domestic violence, the same number from the 1970’s, so has feminism really helped society at all?

There have been many changes in womens lives. Women are much more open about their sexuality, just like men are. Millions of mothers are now going out to work, despite the poor child care system and women are breaking into new industries and professions. It is now also much more acceptable for women to have children outside of marriage.

But what does it mean to be a twenty first century feminist?

To be in control of their own lives, women are learning that they must take control of their own bodies and their sexuality. Women have to fight against being regarded as objects – the rise of the ladette culture and things such as pole dancing and postmodern Miss World contests mean that women are still being judged as sex objects and they still need to fight against this.

Women’s traditional roles as a wife and a mother has been distorted to fit in with modern life, we are now expected to not only juggle work life balance, but also bring up children and carry out traditional roles too.

Another issue is that of domestic violence, rape and sexual abuse. This abuse is under-recognised and under reported. It was only in the 1970s that these issues began to be viewed as political at all.

Feminists need to reconnect with women of all ages and social classes and come together in a meaningful way. Feminism, let’s not forget, is about sisterhood. It’s about sticking together to protect our rights, it’s about coming together and being a positive force, rather than attacking male oppression.

It has also been argued that a new kind of post modern feminism is emerging. Many successful, intelligent women are deciding to give up their high flying careers to be homemakers and bring up children. Some argue that this would have the suffragettes turning in their graves, whilst others argue that it is simply an example of women taking control of their lives.

My view? I believe it to be the latter. I also believe that women still have a long fight against them to be considered entirely equal.

So, those are my thoughts on feminism frostings. Let me know your views in the comments!

Lots of love..
Kat xo.