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Why Not Wednesday..?

14 Jul

+ Visit and listen to music you wouldn’t normally associate yourself with.
You may just discover a new favourite song!

+ Take daily outfit photos.
They can be hugely beneficial to you and you could even go one step further and create a style scrapbook!

+ Read a newspaper.
You may just learn something new!

+ Treat yourself to that one thing you’ve been denying yourself of.
Ben & Jerry’s ice cream? Awesome. A day at a spa? Perfect. Whatever it is, you deserve it.

+ Create a summer ‘to read’ list.
This way you can keep track of what you’ve read and what you’re yet to read!

Lots of love..
Kat xo.


Why Not Wednesday..?

7 Jul

+ Head to the library and take out a book on a subject you wouldn’t normally read.
You may just  find a new gem!

+ Write a thankyou note to the people that inspire you.
This is bound to make you and them feel good, and they may even send you a message back!

+ Plan something to look forward to.
Because everyone loves having adventures to look forward to.

+ Look into taking a class in something you like.
Jewellery making? Creative writing? Whatever it is, it’s likely there’s a class in it, and now’s a perfect time to enrol for September starts!

+ Take some time to think about whether you’re happy with the direction your life is taking.
I’m writing a post on something similar, stay tuned for more info!

+ Text your best friend just to say ‘I love you’.
Because everyone needs to hear it sometimes.

Lots of love..
Kat xo.

Why Not Wednesday?

30 Jun

+ Hold an Alice In Wonderland themed tea party.
I wrote an article on the subject at

+ Take part in JulNoWriMo.
It’s the July version of NaNoWriMo and the aim is to write 50,000 words. Are you up for the challenge?

+ Decide to investigate how to become more eco friendly.
Little things such as not using plastic bags and recycling paper can make a big difference!

+ Plan out your blogging schedule for the next week.
Revel in the smug knowledge that you are fabulously organised.

+ Get a manicure.
Frivolous? Maybe. Self indulgent? Perhaps. Do you deserve it? Damn right you do!

Lots of love..
Kat xo.

Why Not Wednesday..?

9 Jun

Why Not..?

+ Reorganise your space according to feng shui.

+ Leave encouraging notes for others to find.

+ Call that friend you’ve been meaning to catch up with.

+ Have a movie marathon of your favourite feel good films.

+ Start a scrapbook of beautiful things.

+ Plan a trip away, even if it’s only in your head.

+ Donate your time to a worthy cause.

+ Create a vision board of your goals.

+ Choose to read instead of watching TV.

+ Change your hairstyle.

+ Write a thankyou letter to someone who inspires you.

Lots of love..
Kat xo.