First and foremost, my name is Kat. I’m eighteen years old and live in England. I’m a writer, a dreamer, a visionary, an explorer and of course, a fierce frosting.  I have a huge passion for writing and a definate penchant for words. I love reading, writing, journalism, self improvement, politics, horoscopes, tea, vegetarianism, moleskines, coffee shops, debating topics and of course, shopping. Fierce Frostings encompasses all things wonderful. It’s a lifestyle choice. To me, it’s a recipe filled with just the right mix of fierceness and attitude mixed with deliciousness and downright gorgeousness. It’s about having the confidence to manifest the person you want to be. It’s about caring about looking and feeling good, but caring about the world you live in too. It’s about proving there’s more to girls lives than shoes and bags, but that’s a damn good place to start. Fierce frostings will inspire, advise and inform you, it will make you want to be a better person and inspire you to get out there and manifest the life you want to live.


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